Tales from a Web Librarian

Hooray for Data!

Laura and I were doing some data investigation yesterday and we came across some great figures that I thought you all might find interesting! As of 4/24/14:

There are 8,601 "active" TC members (with an ID card expiring in the future)

3,223 of those TC members have never checked out an item

1,082 of TC members have checked out 1 item at some point

4,296 of TC members have checked out more than 1 item at some point

Of the 8,601 "active" TC members, 62.5% check out materials in the library.

The 62.5% of library users are broken down into:

67.2% students

15.2% are faculty

4.2% are professional staff

3.0% are CU students

11.4% are MISC associations

There are currently 8,904 materials checked out to library users.

1,005 students hold 4,344 materials

310 faculty hold 2,099 materials

700 misc (includes CU, Alumni, staff, etc) hold 2,461 materials

Of the 8,904 checked out materials:

8,511 are books/bound serials

Top 3 locations being Main Stacks(6,255), Curr (827), and Juv (442)

135 are films/videos

131 are graphic materials

3,083 of the checked out items are overdue, racking up $22,700 in fines so far!