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I've been working on a project to remove all expired "On Reserve" materials behind the circulation desk downstairs. I've finally finished (woo!) and figured I'd share the amazing transformation with everyone. I started with 2,476 "On Reserve" materials which took up 60 shelves. After pulling a list from Sierra, I began cross-checking the status of each item in Docdel. If the reserve request had expired, I added it to my list of "Items to Remove." As it turned out, I removed 1,614 materials, almost 2,000 labels (yay for Goo Gone!), and approximately 2 inches of dust over the course of a month and a half (March 28-May 8).

The current total for active "On Reserve" materials is 790 items. From the original 60 shelves, we are now only using 18. I shifted the items so that only 3 easily accessible shelves are being used in each range (before the books were shelved floor to ceiling, using all 6 shelves in each column).

Check out some way cool Before and After photos!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the project, whether it was assisting me when the cart of heavy books got stuck on that door lip coming into EdLab (always a tense moment) or wading through the mountains of books to be checked-in (thank you Services team!!), you are all wonderful!