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Global Learn Conference 2015

UPDATE: Thanks so much to everyone who attended my presentation and participated in the discussion. Here is a link to my slides! I'm super excited to announce I'll be virtually presenting The John Milton Digital Library at the 2015 Global Learn Conference in Berlin this year! The conference is being held April 15-16th at the Fernuniversität in Hagen in conjunction with the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). The Global Learn conference is an awesome opportunity for scholars and educators around the world to share their research and knowledge about education and the role that technology increasingly plays in our everyday lives.

I will be presenting my mock digital library, with audio and visual components, and will hold a question and answer session post-presentation.

Here is the abstract from my paper:

"The John Milton Digital Library (JMDL) is an online platform for scholars, researchers, students, professors, and information seekers interested in learning more about John Milton and his works. The JMDL aims to serve as an information and community resource for those wishing to study Milton’s works alongside critical reviews, biographical information, and upcoming and existing exhibitions that may be of interest to those in the field. It is the only digital library of its kind and offers a host of useful and intellectually stimulating content, while giving its users access to the complete works of John Milton, courtesy of the public domain. The JMDL will offer full text PDF downloads of all of Milton’s works, provide biographical information, collaborative online discussion spaces for intelligent conversation, and highlight critical reviews and exhibitions of Milton’s works. A mock digital library has been created and readers are invited to peruse for a better visual representation."

The mock digital library can be viewed here: