Tales from a Web Librarian

METRO 2016 Conference

This year's METRO conference was held at the beautiful Baruch College, located in Gramercy Park, and afforded many gorgeous views and fabulous presentations. This conference was great for so many reasons, not the least that I got to see my former colleague, Ms. Alexandra Lederman, present on her awesome archival project DRIPS Gallery.

The keynote speaker, Kari Lämsä, Manager of Library 10 and Urban Workshop, gave an inspiring presentation on 'Library Space for Community Use' which showcased the beautiful Library 10 and the absolutely awe-inspiring Central Library (come 2018) in Helsinki.

After a quick break, I attended "A Humanities Librarian, a Social Science Librarian and a Science Librarian Walk Into a Bar…: Leveraging Individual Strengths in Collaborative Liaison Work" led by former across-the-street colleagues Meredith Levin, Jennifer Brown, and Julia Marden of Columbia University. Their presentation chronicled the challenges and breakthroughs of interdisciplinary knowledge transference.

Up next was 'You’ve Done PDA, What About PDW?: Patron-Driven Weeding at the SUNY Maritime Library' led by Rebecca Hyams and Kristin Hart, both of SUNY Maritime. Rebecca and Kristin led an enthusiastic discussion about trials and tribulations of information literacy courses and presented their solution to historically 'dull' library information sessions.

To end the day was the presentation we had all been waiting for: 'Drips Gallery; a community driven graffiti library and archive'  presented by Alex Lederman! It's always super cool to see your friend and former colleague present on something they've created - but add to that a modern and awesome take on a topic seemingly unrelated to libraries, plus the vindication of a medium that's often overlooked or frowned upon, and BOOM you've got yourself an incredible presentation!

Alex showcased her collaborative thesis project to an enthusiastic crowd of librarians, archivists, and technologists and we (Meredith, Laura, and I) cheered her on in support!

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Until next year, METRO!