Tales from a Web Librarian

Digital Humanities Open Mic

On my first day at Stony Brook University as a faculty member, I was given the wonderful opportunity to present at the University Libraries' Digital Humanities Open Mic. This event encouraged faculty and staff members to share their digital humanities projects with colleagues, welcoming discussion and thoughtful feedback. I presented on the mock John Milton Digital Library I created during my Master's Degree program (of course!). This presentation had special meaning for me (for many reasons!) but it was during my undergraduate career at Stony Brook that I discovered John Milton, and Paradise Lost, sparking my love of Milton's magnum opus and the subsequent creation of a digital library dedicated to its author. It seemed fitting, then, that on my 'first day back' I would present the digital library I created for John Milton!


[Here I am, gesturing emphatically toward the John Milton Digital Library]

Alongside a great discussion and encouraging feedback, it was an inspiring way to get to know my colleagues and their research interests. I'm so honored to be part of this event!

LibraryDana Haugh