Tales from a Web Librarian

St. John's, THE Ohio State

November was quite a busy month! The Monday after NYLA, I made my way to St. John's University in Queens to speak to MLS students about life as a librarian. I was invited to speak on the panel alongside librarians from all areas of the profession, including a teen librarian, archivist, art librarian, two academic librarians (myself included), publishing librarian, and metadata librarian! We were asked to share our experiences post-graduation, detailing how our careers have evolved, a typical day in the life, what to expect on the job market, and how to grow in the profession. Below is a link to the webinar (it was streamed live for distance learning students)!

That weekend, I ventured west to Ohio (aka the traitor state) to meet up with some friends in Columbus. The couple both attend THE Ohio State and were kind enough to give Tim and I a tour of the campus. The campus was really beautiful and had an epic square leading up to the AWESOME main library. WOWZA it is beautiful. They have this beautiful, entirely open central area in the middle of the library that gives you a spectacular view of the stacks rising up behind glass.IMG_3543.JPG

We went to the top floor of the library for an absolutely spectacular view of the campus. Like, holy moly (perfectly capturing the sunset).