Tales from a Web Librarian

Writing, Open Access, Information Literacy

It's been a month of non-stop writing, research, presentation prep, OA celebrations, and information literacy design! My work monitors have been inundated with post-it's reminding me of deadlines and to-do's, but I've finally been able to pull a few off which is a great feeling!

Academic Writing

I've been working on a few pieces for publication, including:

  • an article for a book detailing what it's like to be a woman in library I.T.;
  • a collaborative research paper on information literacy empowerment (with co-workers Claudia, Kate, and Jennifer);
  • and an outline for a 20-25k word article on marketing in libraries (a collaborative piece with Claudia).

As you can see, I really enjoy contributing to library scholarship and I'm so happy I have the opportunity to do so in a variety of interesting and exciting ways!

Children's Literature Fellowship

I'm continuing revisions on my children's book story (tentatively titled "The Sun and the Moon") and crafting a response paper to the fascinating book Don't Tell the Grown-Ups: The Subversive Power of Children's LiteratureIf you're interested in exploring the world of kid lit, definitely give this a read! Alison Lurie provides some great insight on popular children's literature through history.

Academic Engagement & LibGuides

Earlier this month, I was invited to join the University Libraries' Academic Engagement Working Group, a group focused on furthering the engagement of our academic community. From the website:

The Academic Engagement Working Group explores methods for the University Libraries’ participation in the entire life cycle of research and learning on campus. The Working Group guides the enhancement of engagement activities, course integrated and embedded instruction, online research guides, and workshops. The Group defines and prioritizes strategies for assessment and reflective practices in order to understand the University Libraries’ impact on student success. Regularly consulting with liaisons for special projects in their subject areas, the Working Group focuses on partnering the University Libraries with the larger University community to build deeper engagement practices as well as address information and research needs. 

I'm excited to see how our group will impact areas like research instruction and assessment!

I've been redesigning and branding our LibGuides to create a more seamless transition between the library website and the individual guides. I've also been working to revitalize some of our most used guides, like the WRT 102 guide, to bring resources front and center (and not buried underneath lengthy descriptions and unnecessary information).

Open Access

Super exciting news -- Stony Brook became the first SUNY school to pass an Open Access Policy! The motion was unanimously supported in the University Faculty Senate earlier this month, which was a huge victory for all SBU researchers, but especially the University Libraries! I designed this minisite for Open Access at SBU with Darren Chase, the Scholarly Communications Librarian.