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Fake News & Information Literacy Article

A paper I co-authored on fake news and information literacy is now live! It's published in the Open Access journal Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Equality & Diversity, which means the scholarship is open to all (no institutional subscription required!). Co-authors Claudia McGivney, Kate Kasten, Jennifer DeVito and I explored information literacy in a post-truth world. It's a direct response to recent events including the 2017 US Presidential Inauguration and subsequent Women's marches, and their impact on current and future researchers.

Here's the abstract:

This paper explores the instability of the notion of “truth” in contemporary discourse and praxis, and its intersections with information literacy as a core priority of academic librarianship.  The incorporation of feminist theory within the conceptual structure of information literacy informs the ways in which academic librarians seek to help students and researchers to become more aware of the context and origins of information, and to be able to examine it critically.

And here's a link to the article:

McGivney, C., Kasten, K., Haugh, D., DeVito, J. (2017, March). Fake news & information literacy: Designing information literacy to empower students. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Equality and Diversity.