Tales from a Web Librarian

SUNY Faculty Senate - EID Committee

Volunteering on various committees, both in and outside SBU, has been tremendously beneficial to my professional growth and I've made it a point to get involved on committees that relate to my personal and professional passions. One such committee is the SUNY Faculty Senate for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity. It's essential that we keep fighting for equality and inclusion, especially in the current political climate, and this committee's work speaks directly to that cause. From the mission statement:

The Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee will concern itself with issues pertaining to equity, inclusiveness and access, as they are reflected in the curriculum, student body, and personnel of the State University.  Among the activities of this committee will be collecting and disseminating information, organizing periodic meetings and workshops, and providing guidance and recommendations to the Senate so that it may act with the best intentions of all people in mind.

I attended my first SUNY Faculty Senate meeting in mid-September and was excited to begin work on the EID committee. Some of the committee's campus initiatives include implementing genderless bathrooms, offering free menstrual products in bathrooms, and enacting the chosen-name option (students who wish to go by a different name than their birth name are able to input that information into their student account, which is then reflected on rosters). 

It was a wonderful experience and I'm excited to get started on our goals for the upcoming year. They include: changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day; implementing transhealth education earlier in medical education; and women, minority, and disability rights, to name a few!


Dana Haugh