Tales from a Web Librarian

Fall Semester Begins!

The campus is buzzing again as we start a new semester at SBU! I've been periodically updating the library's LibGuides (on which we rely heavily during the semester) and trying to streamline the look and feel of these fabulous resources. I created a neater, cleaner STEM librarians page, complete with our formal portraits and a uniform layout. We also decided to standardize the contact photos with our formal portraits, which gives the guides a professional feel. These photos are pushed onto LibChat, too, so that patrons can see who they are chatting with when they use our 'Ask Us' function! 

We had Chris Sauerwald, digital media specialist, take some professional 'casual' photos of a few librarians for our social media campaign 'New to SBU.' The hashtag has an associated webpage on our library website (located here) and its intention is to give new students a quick overview of some of the resources we offer. We've been experimenting with a "Meet Your Librarian" campaign too (since we are 30 strong right now!), so be sure to watch for those posts on our library twitter, facebook, and instagram. 

Dana Haugh