Tales from a Web Librarian

Lecture by Visiting Librarian Mr. Yoji Nishigaya

On Friday (9/8), the library hosted a lecture by visiting librarian Mr. Yoji Nishigaya on academic libraries in Japan and his preservation work for a collection of glass plates. Yoji Nishigaya is the Chief of the Administrative Section for Library at the College of International Relations for Nihon University.

Mr. Nishigaya's lecture was both informative and enjoyable. He gave us a great overview of what libraries are like in Japan, specifically the library system at Nihon University, and brought to light some stark differences between US and Japanese library systems. 

Mr. Nishigaya also talked about his multi-year project preserving and archiving an extensive collection of glass plate negatives by Hikojiro Ueda. The digital archive can be viewed here. This digital collection offers a side-by-side comparison Hikojiro Ueda's images from the 1950s and the present-day landscape. The collection is also published as a monograph, titled Images from the Hikojiro Ueda Collection of Glass Plate Negative Photography: The Izu Peninsula and Mt. Fuji circa 1955. Mr. Nishigaya received an award for his work from the Japan Association of Private University Libraries.

Dana Haugh