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Beijing Conference Papers Available

The papers I presented at November's library conference in Beijing are now freely available online! Check them out --

Digital Marketing Strategies in Libraries, Dana Haugh SUNY Stony Brook

ABSTRACT: In this paper, the author examines the importance of digital marketing in libraries across the United States. As patrons become more technologically savvy, libraries are tasked with expanding their presence to digital landscapes. One way to do so is to implement simple and effective digital campaigns. This step can ensure ensure libraries remain relevant and indispensable to the patrons they serve. Marketing, once thought to be an unnecessary expense for libraries, is fast becoming a necessity. This paper explores different contemporary views on digital marketing in libraries.

KEYWORDS: marketing in libraries, library outreach, digital campaigns, marketing strategies

Colloquium Series: A Study in Library Faculty Engagement, Dana Haugh SUNY Stony Brook and Jamie Saragossi SUNY Stony Brook

ABSTRACT: This paper explores the implementation of a Colloquium Series intended to connect library faculty and staff through research projects, presentations, and proposals. The Series aims to foster collaboration among library faculty and staff as well as support the library's strategic goals for encouraging research, academic engagement, and learning in a semi-formal setting.

KEYWORDS: strategic engagement, academic librarians, library outreach strategies, lecture series


Dana Haugh